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is dedicated to making authentic internal training available to the wider public through clear, direct & modern instruction, as an answer to the exponential increase of people struggling to find mental, emotional and physical balance & peace.

The Founder

Simon Schellevis

Simon Schellevis

Simon has spent a lot of time listening to silence and observing his mind since a young age. The majority of his journey has been alone, with only the original mind, the source, or whatever one likes to call it, as a teacher. Simon is pragmatic, grounded and thorough in character, practice and application. His depth, vibrance and strength of mind, energy and body often produce remarkable results.

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Edoardo Marin

Edoardo Marin

Edo is running the Torino chapter of Inward. He has been trained over a number of years under the personal guidance of Simon. Edo has a deep sensitivity, a hunger to learn and live a full life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please find the most frequently used answers here.

Can I host a workshop?admin2023-04-04T14:02:00+00:00

INWARD workshops are available for different purposes and in different formats. The most common cases are listed below:

* martial arts schools
yoga schools
* (pro)sports/dance groups
* corporate/b2b

In case you are interested in hosting a workshop, please contact info@workinward.com.

Where can I find my purchased content?admin2023-04-04T13:40:35+00:00

Make sure you are logged in. Then navigate to ‘My Account’ in the main menu.

Real-life results

What people say

what people say

“If you’re wondering whether magic exists, you should book a session with Simon, haha! Simon used his Neutral energy to adjust my hip, which was out of alignment since birth. Pain free. I could hardly believe it, but after one (!) treatment the job was done. Since the treatment I am able to perform movements that are normal to most, but I could never achieve. No more headaches and hip pain. My gratitude and wonderment are difficult to put into words…”

mariette Ruggenberg (NL)

I went to my first treatment with Simon hoping to heal an injury in my ankle: the same day I felt like I was given a new foot and a stronger energy. But more than that, in the past year Simon taught me how to reconnect to my body. I finally have a solid base to work on my breath and posture, tools that allow me to face difficulties in a whole new way.

Thank you again and again!

anna tabellini (IT)

"The treatment corrected impacts of older injuries and blockages that had been in my neck and along the spine for a long time. I lost my strong headaches and my overall calmness and energy increased. Some digestive problems improved a lot through the spine corrections. I also put too much weight on the outside of my feet which impacted my knees and hips. After treatment I felt immediately that I was walking differently, more balanced on the whole foot. It is as if an old program of wrong habits was deleted. I don’t have to focus or train to walk the better way. I consulted chiropractors and physiotherapists and Qi Gong Masters in China with the above problems. None created these results. I enjoy the change every day. Simon is open, straight forward, down to earth, sensitive with a good portion of humor. He combines a passion to make your body and mind work with a deep knowledge of the body, mind and spirit."

Miriam Kühle (DE)

"I sought treatment from Simon for an on-going, dibilitating pain in my hand and wrist. I left our first session astonished - the pain relieved, feeling grounded and replenished with a warm, gentle energy. Thank you for your wonderful care, Simon!"

Teegan rose (AUS)

"Simon has treated my left knee twice over the course of 2 weeks, each time for about 15 minutes. He placed his hands around the knee, without touching. The area of the knee then becomes very warm, tingly and I could feel a flowing sensation deep inside the knee.

Towards the end of the treatment he placed his hands on the knee area. After the first treatment the knee pain that bothered me for many years had substantially subsided and after the second treatment was gone altogether. The effects of the treatment last for several days after. For long term complaints the Flow Tuning is highly recommendable. Even my lower back pain has made significant improvements in just 5 - 10 minutes of treatment."

marcus hesse (NL)

"Treatment at Inward literally got me straight again. Years and years of desk work resulted in bad posture. While physical exercise helped me to make it bearable, there was always the discomfort of too much tension. With bone setting Simon managed to be put everything back in to place. It is wonderful to feel the relief that proper alignment brings. With his Neutral Energy Simon managed to mobilise those stubborn tissues that kept tensing up. I now realise much earlier when I slide into bad posture and I am getting more control to melt tension myself. It is hard to believe what I accepted as normal before."

michiel hildebrand


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