Self Mastery Demystified

The Inward Method is a master key for the practices of self mastery. Achieve mental agency, emotional balance and physical resilience.

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the inward method

A demystifying distillation of essential teachings of

Breath Work

Internal Power

Qi Energy


Breath Work Demystified

The Neutral Breath Online Course is a HQ digital learning product, which offers a profound program to building a real fundament of breath work skills. Many methods out there are isolated fragments of complete methods. The Neutral Breath is simple, deep and complete.

Internal Power Demystified

In the spirit of Yiquan, Inward prioritises skill and the common core of Internal Power methods. Inward Taichi focuses on quality of the merging of yin and yang, the Unification, over forms and techniques. Many traditional school and their lineages who claim to have the transmission of ‘secret’ teachings are rooted in the past and now obsolete, and often can’t even perform the basic displays of real Internal Power.


qi cultivation Demystified

The Inward Method enables the individual to have a clear understanding what Qi is, what it is not, and how to use it for personal advantage and serving others.

Meditation Demystified

Attaining deep meditation skill and enjoying its benefits is realistically within reach thanks to the Inward Meditation program.