Apply the Inward Formula in interaction.
Develop the Whole Body Power as your martial ‘engine’ and gain practical life skills.

one family taichi

Taichi is Unity
Learn to Unify Maintain it in Change

Taichi Foundation

Demystifying how to embody and apply the common core principles of all internal arts:


* Qi Development
* Breath work
* Opening the Joints
* Standing Practice
* Strength Training

Taichi Application

Learn how to maintain and apply this Taichi Unity in interaction.

* Power Development
* Form Applications
* Partner Drills

Taichi Boxing

Integrate Taichi Unity as engine into your martial skills.

* Pushing Hands
* Taichi Boxing Strategy
* Taichi Boxing Drills
* Taichi Takedowns (attack/defense)

The Prime

Identify and establish the Center. Calibrate the system by neutralising Gravity. Center of Balance & Center of Mass join in the Center. Disconnect the bones, loosen the joints. Engage & balance the muscles.

The Seal

Ground the Center. Center of Balance remains in the Center, Center of Mass drops with gravity. Load the system with the pull of Gravity. Reconnect the bones, engage and balance the fascia. Seal the system without protrusions or leaks.


This is where we achieve the Taichi Body (or Neutral Body). Empty of Resistance, Full of Mind. The finest substance that moves is the physical mind. Engage & balance the bones. Harmony between + & -.

simple & direct

Three Steps Towards Your Taichi Body

  • eliminate guesswork from training

  • learn internal power & Fajin

  • wholesome strength for all ages

  • maintain mental, emotional & physical balance in relationships

  • informal training, no power structures

  • no-nonsense teaching, humor and fun encouraged


Strength & Resilience

INWARD Kungfu is based on Chinese Internal Martial Arts (CIMA) training. INWARD Kungfu develops what is known in the scene as ‘internal’ or ‘whole body’ power. It is a type of strength that you cannot see, that is not based on muscle size, but rather on skilfully deploying the entire body as one unit, including the skeletal structure. We will name this ‘Neutral Power’. This strength lasts beyond the age of your physical prime. To achieve this ‘Neutral Power’ one first has to configure the body in a very specific way, into the ‘internal body’ or what we call ‘The Neutral Body’. This is the key to this type of power. INWARD Kungfu teaches you how to configure the body correctly, so you yourself may learn to apply this different type of power. As a side effect of this training you will develop an overcapacity which drastically improves your professional, relationship, martial arts and life skills. INWARD Kungfu clearly explains the nitty gritty of ‘internal power’ as demonstrated in Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) and Yiquan (Yi Chuan) in plain modern English.


Taichi Foundation

20:00 – 21:00

Taichi Application

21:00 – 22:00

Centrum Europaplein, Europaplein 127, Amsterdam



20:00 – 21:00

Taichi Boxing

21:00 – 22:00

Centrum Europaplein, Europaplein 127, Amsterdam